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Discovering Library-Related Podcasts

July 7, 2012

Photo credit: Jayeb333

After noticing a podcasting giveaway at ALA Annual in Anaheim, I decided to look for some library-related podcasts to listen to while driving from home into town. (Keep in mind I live way out in the country, so the drive into town takes about 45-60 minutes, depending upon the final destination.) While searching for some appropriate podcasts, I found this blog post by David Lee King, which also included a link to a post by Bobbi Newman. Their articles were both informative and helpful, so if you have an extra moment, please check them out. You can also find an extensive list of podcasts at the LIS Wiki, which lists both current and inactive podcasts, and there are good number of podcasts listed at The Librarian in Black.

Here are a few of the podcasts I decided to try after discovering them in my search:

Library-Related Podcasts:

  • Circulating Ideas by Steve Thomas – an interview podcast featuring different librarians each episode.
  • Bibliotech – this podcast “discusses all things digital technology” as pertaining to libraries.
  • Adventures in Library Instruction – covers, you guessed it, topics in library instruction.
  • ACRL Insider – seems to cover a wide variety of topics, focusing on academic libraries. (The sound quality isn’t always the greatest, but the content is informative and worth a listen.)
  • The WGIL Room – as the website states, “issues in library instruction, information literacy, and emerging technology.”

Technology Podcasts:

  • Digital Campus – Discusses how technology affects “learning, teaching, and scholarship at colleges, universities, libraries, and museums.”
  • Tech Therapy – This Chronicle of Higher Education podcast features Chronicle reporter Jeff Young and tech consultant Warren Arbogast, together leading discussions and interviews.
  • NPR Technology – All sorts of tech topics are covered in this weekly podcast from NPR.

Book and Education Podcasts:

  • NPR Books – Features book reviews, interviews, and news stories related to books and readers.
  • NPR Education – Covers a wide variety of topics related to all levels of education.
Motorola Droid 2

Photo credit: nino63004

In order to listen to the podscasts in my car (a Honda with an aux input), I downloaded Google Listen for my Android phone. While there were a few other choices in the app store, Google Listen looked like it was easy enough to use, and I liked that it would sync with Reader, which I already use extensively. Installing it only took a few moments, and then I was ready to begin subcribing and listening. Although not all of these podcasts were available through the “search”function, I was able to subscribe to them through Reader and then move them into the Listen folder. Google Listen synced immediately, and the episodes were available to add to my listening queue. For me, it was easier to download the podcasts and then listen to them, rather than trying to stream them, especially since my 3G connection is spotty in a few places along the drive. Once I’d downloaded a number of podcasts, though, I was ready for my next trip to town.

So if you’re driving through Eastern Iowa and you see a woman in a red Honda Fit laughing and nodding her head, that just might be me listening to a podcast!

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