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Preparing for Graduate School

August 26, 2012

The past few weeks have reminded me that the experience of beginning graduate school is much like starting at any other new school no matter what the grade. There have certainly been moments over the past few weeks where I felt like a scared little kindergartner, wondering what school will be like and if I will be able to make new friends. I also had to go to the store to buy school supplies for the first time in a long time, and found myself shopping with many mothers and their young children, although the items on our lists probably differed. (I did buy a nice pencil case, though.) Another group of mothers, this time with older children, were my companions while shopping for appropriate back-to-school clothing. Having run a business from my home for ten years, and worked for much of that time in yoga pants,  I believe my semi-professional wardrobe is rather lacking. While the mothers of teenagers worried about the length (or lack of length) of the inseam in the shorts available at the store, I worried more about looking like someone my professors would take seriously.

So, too, have I experienced a move away from home, like a first year college student, although instead of moving away from my parents, I am moving away from my husband and most of my kitties. (Thankfully two are coming along with me, which should make my little apartment much less lonely.) This is a strange experience, after sixteen years of marriage, and yet I know I have to be brave and move forward. Besides, I can always go home on the weekends.

As I face my own fears, I recognize that many in my cohort may be experiencing similar fears, as may many of the first-years on campus. With time, we’ll all begin to adjust to our new environment, and so it is with any life change. I’m beginning to understand that the willingness to adjust is an important skill in and of itself, and one that will likely be important for me as I become a librarian. Libraries have changed greatly since I was a child, and are changing still. I hope someday soon I will become part of that change, and be brave enough to help libraries and librarians keep moving forward.

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  1. October 1, 2012 2:42 pm

    I returned to school after 15 years in the workforce and I definitely know where you’re coming from! I graduated library school last Christmas and don’t regret having taken the degree despite the stress (though a little decompression time afterwards helped). All the best to you!

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