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New mental pathways

February 21, 2013

Recently I realized how much library school is changing my life in unexpected ways.

Neurons in the brain - illustration

Neurons in the brain – illustration (Photo credit: Rebecca-Lee)

Now I go to the grocery store, pick up some Draino, and think to myself, “Problems with infrastructure.” I attend a lecture, like the presentation recently given here at UIowa by Bridget Draxler, and think about how the work of librarians is a process on a process. I read about problems with higher ed, and decide that we need more rubrics in the humanities. I see performativity everywhere, and am constantly on the lookout for creative disruption. Actually, I think I may want to be creative disruption.

I have debates with my classmates about documents vs. information and about what constitutes a collection. Sometimes we even make a collection, although usually its a collection of something edible, like chocolate. (We carefully selected a pretty amazing collection for Valentine’s Day, but that collection was destined to be impermanent.)

This is my brain on library school. And you know what? I love it!

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